Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2011

I've somehow lost the cord to download my pictures from Halloween 2012. I have about 5 sitting right here by the computer, none of which are the right ones. Go figure. So I'll post last years since I never got around to it.

For trick or treating, Hayden was Wilson from Chuggington
 For Work and Trick or Treating, Court was Fred
 Hayden's first field trip was to Schenph Farms. I was able to go with him and we had so much fun. Here he is picking his pumpkin.
We went to Utah for Fall Break and there was a Halloween Carnival in Shilo's neighborhood. We didn't come prepared with his costume but were able to borrow borrow one from her friend so Hayden could dress up with the rest of the kids.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wishing I could Freeze Time

My baby is 6 month old.
He loved his rice cereal last night. We tried earlier this week and he wasn't very interested.

He loves bathtime!!
And loved when Hayden reads to him.
He's (mostly) always smiling and happy!!
He makes silly faces
Eats his toes
And is trying so hard to sit up and crawl

And most of all, he LOVES his brother.
6 month stats: 16.5lbs and 28inches long. I have a BIG BABY!!!!

I've decided that rather than pick up where I left off on here, I will be doing "flash back" posts to get caught up.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Yates Family of Four's been awhile. A lot has happened and I have a lot of catching up to do for my journaling purposes. Where to begin.............

Friday, December 10, 2010

December in Arizona

Is there any wonder why we love it here??(also, I haven't forgotten about posting pics of the new house. I have been waiting for the front yard landscaping to be done so ya'll can see the finished project! You'll have to wait a little longer. Or just come visit!)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting Closer!!!!!

4 more weeks!!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Utah Summer 2010

Hayden and Mommy had such a great time in Utah this summer while Daddy was in Alaska on his yearly fishing trip. I would love to post pictures, but my camera didn't make it home with us. I'm not sure where it was left behind, and I am heartbroken. Anyway, we spent the first few days in Las Vegas where we met baby Brenlie(Richard and Stacie's little girl). I fell in love all over again, and I miss her already. Then, we went to Utah where we saw my family, had a blast at Lagoon, and a few other outings as well. I met up with my gal pals and families for dinner and visiting. We went to Court's aunts house for dinner another night and stopped by his sisters house on the way home. We stayed the night in Cedar City and picked up my cousin's from EFY Saturday morning and headed for home. 17 hours later and a bit of car trouble in Vegas, we made it home. Daddy came home the next day and life is back to normal. They are making progress on the house and are working on the plumbing today. We are spending our days indoors or in the pool this summer and lovin' it!! Happy summer everyone!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Look what we bought today!!!!

DIRT!!!!! It's official. We are buying our second home. We put a deposit on this large lot of dirt today. In about 4-5 months there will be a house on it. I'm so stinkin' excited I can't stand it. I just hope that no one sets it on fire 2 weeks before we close like last time we tried this!! I took this picture from the sidewalk and the boys are standing at the edge of the property. There will be so much room for us to play with over the next several years. And it's only about 5 miles east of where we are now and still in Gilbert's School District. No Queen Creek for us!! I can't wait!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I had a birthday shout HOORAY!!!

Yes, this is the "big" year. I turned 30 last week. I woke up to a balloon bouquet on my porch tied to a bag of Gluten Free granola from my dear friend Krista. The giant "30" was accompanied by latex balloons in the Phx Suns colors in support of the playoff game that night.
Then, Hayden and I went to breakfast with Mike and Sharon-thanks again Mike. We then spent the day with Sharon. We haven't spent a lot of time with her lately so it was nice to hang out. And she took us to lunch. It was so yummy.
When Court got home I got my present!! I could not get a good picture, so this is the best I could get. Yes, those are DIAMONDS!!! What girl doesn't love diamonds. But these are more special than just any diamond. Court's Grandpa Yates gave him a ring years ago before he passed away. I has(well had) 7 round diamonds in it. It was a way ugly setting, but the diamonds are beautiful. We talked about taking them and making earrings, necklace or ring but Court never really wanted to. He would always say that he liked it the way it was and it would sit in the jewelry drawer. So, when I first opened the earrings I was excited. Until he told me that they were Grandpa's diamonds he had used. Then they meant so much more. Grandpa passed away right after we began dating, so I never met him, but the fact that Court took those diamonds and made them something special for me is what makes them priceless(although converting them to earrings was NOT priceless!!) I can't wait to see what he does with the other 5.
Then, my cute, talented, awesome friend Shelly came to bring me a present. She has been making these aprons and I love them. And now I have one!!!!
It's reversible!! I don't dare wear it though when I cook cause I don't want to get it dirty. Thanks Shelly!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!!
And finally, our good friends the Woods brought dinner(Costa Vita........yum!)and Krista came and we all watched the game. The Suns lost, so that wasn't too fun, but the company was great!! I also got some great cards and gifts in the mail from my family. Thanks everyone for making my birthday so special!!! Now for the next 30 years..................................

Sunday, May 9, 2010

San Diego May,2010

Yes, it's sad that I am posting San Diego pictures when I still haven't posted Disneyland pictures from December. I still am planning to post my Disney pictures, I am just super slow!! It took so long to get them on facebook, I was burned out. I think I have the hang of how to do it all so I should be a little better and quicker at getting my pictures up.
We took a trip with our good friends the Woods. We ran off to San Diego for the weekend and had so much fun. Here we are with Shamu. Front to back: Hayden, Sunny, Courtney, Blake, Ryker, Emmett, Shali, Daniel. We opted to sit in families because the big boys didn't want to "straddle" each other and sit shortest to tallest which is what the photographers wanted us to. I love Hayden's face!!I love Hayden in this one!! He's so into it!Legoland
We had a blast!! I will put more pictures up later.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What are you doing this weekend?

THIS IS WHERE WE'LL BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
The BeginningShamu: Close Up  Venture beneath the waves for an up-close look at Shamu. Watch as killer whales glide through the 1 million gallon pool.
Our bags are packed and in the car, the gas tank is full, the house is clean................Daddy come home so we can leave!!!!!!